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Kurk Homes - Site Cost Evaluation
Site Cost Evaluation with Kurk Homes

Figuring out how to assess your property is surprisingly hard.

Having a clear picture of what will be needed to construct the home on the property will allow Kurk Homes to offer a site cost analysis for the property.

We want to determine such things as:

  • HOA Requirements

  • Topography and elevation

  • Building setback

  • Building Area

  • Availability of utilities like electricity, gas and water

A homesite evaluation, rich with local insights.

Property Evaluation

Besides understanding the basics of site preparation for the functionality of the proposed home, we want to see your vision.

Laying the Foundation

Set off confidently in your build journey knowing the outside factors that will determine the site preparation required for your proposed home. We want to help create the perfect homesite for your future home. 

Putting the Pieces Together

Once you have a site analysis, you will be able to set a construction plan and timeline for the multiple stages of construction. This will also help you realize the cost that may be required before you build your home. 


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